Banjos, etc.


Village of Baoma,

Sierra Leone






I got hooked on old-time music in the 70's (i.e., before internet).  Learning tunes

meant hanging out with other OT musicians, buying LP re-releases of old music,

and/or finding 78 RPM records.  I did all three.


Then I got away from OT music for a long time (kids, job, etc.). 

Since I came back to the music, I'm amazed at how

many good sources for OT music there are on the web..... see some links below.  I

started to post some recordings of my 78s on the MediaFire website, but I

also found that most of my 78's are already posted somewhere out there on the

web.   So there's not really much benefit in my posting recordings of my 78's on-line.


Well, maybe a small benefit.   I record 78s from an old portable electric record

player, and I don't touch up the recordings.  Many of the on-line recordings of 78s

have been processed and polished to take out the clicks & noise..... this process

takes out the noise, but also seems to add an artificial sound to the recordings.


So here are a few un-altered recordings of 78's.  I'll change the selection every so often.

If you like these, please send me an e-mail and I'll feel encouraged to post new stuff.


Apple Blossom Time - Charlie Mitchell and his Kentucky Ridge Runners.mp3

    Perfect AUG149  June, 1936


Bad Companions - Carl Sprague.mp3

   Victor  19747-B  August 1925  


Death is Only a Dream - Simmons Sacred Singers.mp3

   Okeh 45160 81601 September 1927


Good Night Waltz - Leake County Revelers.mp3

   Columbia 15189-D 143969 April 1927  


Hog Trough Reel - Clayton McMichen and his Georgia Wildcats.mp3

   Gennett  7011-A    1932 ?  


She Waves as His Train Passes - Willard Hodgins.mp3

   Conqueror 7178 7871 March 1928  


The Girl I Left Behind Me - Gid Tanner and His Skillet Lickers.mp3

   Columbia 15170-D 143797  November 1926




If you're interested, below is a spreadsheet of all of my records.

Please let me know (e-mail ) if there's something that you'd like me to post.


78 spreadsheet

   updated 11-02-10