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Updated 05-29-2015


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The name, Yellowstone Jewelry, is taken from the source locality for Montana agate - the Yellowstone River basin from Wyoming across Montana to the North Dakota border.  Montana agate and some of the other agates and jaspers of the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains states are prominent on this website, since we rockhunt on most of our vacations.  And..... no, none of the stones on this website were collected in Yellowstone Park ! ! !

Mark Ralston


05/29/15  Add link to Songbook Collection.


11/18/14  Add link to Yellowstone Jewelry Facebook page.  I'm going to post info on instrument rehabilitation projects in the Facebook photo albums section.  First up is Rehab Jos. Daniels 6-string banjo


11/04/14  Reorganize "For Sale" section, add fiddles, banjo-mando's, etc.


10/21/14  Some long-overdue housekeeping

  *  moved sold instruments off the "Instruments for Sale" page

  *  put some new banjos up on the "For Sale" page

  *  updated "Infirmary"


10/20/13 Added an F3 Gibson mandolin to the new section for Ed Rebon's instrument collection, this section is still hidden pending approval by the owner of the instruments.  Added a "Buckbee after the style of Morrison" 5-string.  Have a bunch of banjo-mandolins, a few fiddles that I need to photographs and post.  Moved sold instruments over to "Left the Nest".


09/16/13  Added an as-of-now hidden, new section for Ed Rebon's instrument collection.  This is now  being reviewed, will be making some nice vintage instruments for-sale visible soon. 



     *   Moved sold instruments over to "Left the Nest".  Will add some new stuff (banjos, fiddles, banjo-mandolins) next



       *   Added some Clifftop photos



       *   Added a Stewart Piccolo banjo to the Infirmary.

       *   Lowered the price on the Marwin Jewel guitar



09-08-12  Added:

        *   Langstile Deluxe Plectrum Banjo


09-02-12  Added:

         *   Fairbanks Special Electric pot

        *   Cole Eclipse Man-in-the-Moon neck

        *   Fairbanks Electric Tenor

        *   Vega Whyte Laydie tenor

        *   Marwin Jewel archtop guitar


08-19-12  post-Clifftop update, housekeeping. 

05-22-12  pre-Clifftop update, housekeeping & added one banjo.

   01-15-12  Added a section on the village of Baoma, Sierra Leone

09-04-11  post-Clifftop update. 

11-07-10  Added some more for-sale banjos.

11-03-10  Took the sold items off the "for sale" page, added a Martin Tenor Guitar and a Maya Tenor Banjo, moved the Orpheum Brass Band 5-string to my collection.

11-02-10  making sure things still work, added some recordings of 78 RPM records.  Will put up some more for-sale banjos soon.

06-27-10  Added an Orpheum Brass Band 5-string and a Ditson banjo-mandolin to the infirmary.

06-17-10  tidied up the Banjos for Sale area.  I'm working on my inventory for the Clifftop festival, so I won't be posting any more new stuff until after Clifftop (i.e., about 2nd week of August).  If you're at Clifftop, stop in - I'm going to be showcasing some of my personal collection banjos.

05-19-10  Moved some banjos to "Left the Nest", put a Rettberg & Lange banjo-guitar temporarily in the infirmary.  This is one that I put a Yellowstone head on - my largest installation to-date.  I'm thinking up excuses to delay sending it back to the owner since it's a lot of fun (just kidding, Randy ! !).

04-22-10  Moved some banjos to "Left the Nest"

03-27-10  Put two parlor guitars (Supertone and ??German??) in the infirmary

03-24-10  Put a Pollman Royal Standard banjo in the infirmary, marked 3 banjos "Sale Pending"

03-16-10  Added "Wm. A. Pond" banjo

03-01-10  Added a banjo and a banjo-guitar

02-21-2010  Added some more banjos, added some sound file links, added a slide show about Montana Agate.

Early February 2010 - I finally broke down and bought "Expressions" website software..... made many long-overdue, general updates of the site.  (in case you're interested, my Front Page software wouldn't work with the Vista OS on my new computer.  This made me mad (once again) at Microsoft and I vowed not to buy any more web software from Microsoft, but instead to learn HTML for website design & maintenance.  This took a long time, I had other priorities, etc., etc., etc. and I finally decided that I was shooting myself in the foot by not updating this site so I broke down bought more of Bill Gates' engineered-obsolescence software.  End of rant.....thank-you to those of you who sent e-mails asking about Yellowstone Jewelry items, stringed instrument stuff, etc.)