Banjos, etc.


Village of Baoma,

Sierra Leone



Most of these tunes were recorded to demonstrate one of my for-sale banjos or else one of my personal banjos.  I record sound using a MXL DRK condensor mike and Audacity Software.  I record video on a Flip Video camera using a black cloth backdrop and fairly low room lighting and, when I make a YouTube clip, I splice video to audio using Pinnacle Studio 12 software.  I'm still learning about recording, so I welcome any comments. 


Abe's Retreat  G tune, learned from NLCR.  Banjo is my ~1895 Hutchins, 13-inch pot, Nylgut strings.

Cuffy  G tune, nice easy tempo.  Fretless banjo #020.

Granny Will Your Dog Bite ? This tune doesn't seem to get played much, probably because it's so repetitive & simple. Tune is in A, fiddle tuned AEAE. Banjo #026. YouTube

Grumbling Old Man, Growling Old Woman Banjo in modal tuning (D tuning with the 4th string up two frets), fiddle GDAE. Banjo #022. YouTube

Hangman's Reel Hangman's Reel. Banjo in A, fiddle in AEAE. Fretless banjo #020.

Lay Your Good Money Down Very un-square, 6-part fiddle tune in A. Banjo is in D tuning but down 5 frets. From Art Galbraith's fiddling on Rounder Records "Art of Traditional Fiddle. Banjo # 027.  YouTube (different banjo)

Moses Hoe the Corn Banjo in D, fiddle in ADAE. Short-scale, fretless banjo #010. YouTube

Needlecase An experiment using tenor banjo strings on a short-scale banjo. 3rd & 4th strings are wound............. 0.030" wound 4th, 0.023" wound 3rd, 0.016" plain 2nd, 0.012" plain for 1st & 5th........ banjo is a 1922 Fairbanks-Vega Whyte Laydie tenor converted to short-scale 5-string.

Rocking the Babies to Sleep Henry Reed Waltz in D. Banjo #022, Fiddle GDAE.





Old Man Can Your Dog Catch A Rabbit ?

Learned from the playing of John Herrmann on the "Banjo Gathering" CD.

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